Dog owner who found vacuum destroyed left in stitches after checking camera footage

TikTok user Gabi checked footage from her dog cameras in a bid to solve the mystery of how her robot vacuum met its end – and the video has gone viral with 36 million views

A dog owner who found her vacuum cleaner destroyed was left stunned after checking footage from the security cameras in her home.

TikTok user Gabrielldennis came home to find her Roomba robot vacuum out for the count just inside the front door, having left her two dogs home alone with the device.

In a bid to discover what had happened, she checked the footage from the dog cameras she has set up in her home and shared the hilarious video online, racking up an incredible 33.6 million views so far.

It shows one of the dogs keenly watching out of a window, while another relaxes on the floor with the smart vacuum cleaner going about its job close by.

But as the robot gets stuck between a cushion and the dog, it latches onto the pet’s tail, causing it to jump up in confusion and attempt to run away from the device, dragging it behind itself on the wooden floor.

The other dog looks on confused before the victim of the vacuum attack comes up with a plan, sprinting up the stairs, smashing the robot off each one until it detaches from its tail before the vacuum makes the painful journey back down, crashing onto the floor.

Gabi reassured everyone in the comments that her dog was completely unharmed by the incident, and captioned the video: “RIP Frank the Roomba”, leaving her with the expensive job of replacing it.

The video has gained almost 50,000 comments as viewers joked the Roomba had died “doing what it loved”.

One person said: “I love how he looks at your other pup like ‘don’t just stand there! Do something! I’m under attack!'”

A second wrote: “The other dog followed him around like ‘buddy it looks pretty bad’.”

A third replied: “When he dragged it up the stairs. I was WHEEZING.”

And another quickly stuck up for the dog, arguing: “Clearly self defence.”